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Cat time of year again

Somehow, every year my buddy Sylvia’s birthday pushes me beyond my comfort zone of what is considered socially acceptable to needle craft and what is not. This year I decided to make a version of Telon & Mio the Cat … Continue reading

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bag to blogging

It’s been awhile since my last post…  and I miss my blog.  So here goes: My most recent project was a birthday gift for a newly 6-year old little lady old named Ruby.   Every time I see the birthday … Continue reading

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Gateway Craft

Way back when, I used to go outside of the house.  In fact, here is photographic evidence of some of my good ol’ glory days:                             Nowadays … Continue reading

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Sleepless in the castle

  Little Riley had a 6th birthday party.  Seeing how cute and sweet she is now, I almost feel guilty for repeatedly and thoroughly describing the horrors of infant-rearing to her father prior to her birth.  I guess I thought … Continue reading

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We’re all pirate ponies in the end

    One late night of surfing the internet, my path crossed with this beauty on ravelry crocheted by “bookworm20x”.  It was at that moment that I knew that it was my destiny to make four different “My Little Ponies”, one for … Continue reading

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The Devil Loves Tulle

  Penny turned 4 last weekend.  Along with every other girl in America, the child has  a “Frozen” obsession.  On her birthday list this year were: “Frozen dress”, “Frozen cape”, “Frozen cake”, “Frozen party”, “Frozen hair”, and…   “Frozen kitty“. … Continue reading

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Nope, “windy city” is not just a cute nickname

Every year I run away from home and escape my nutty family and crazy job participate in valuable professional development at the annual American Speech Hearing and Language Association (ASHA) conference. This year the convention location was Chicago. My colleague … Continue reading

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Turtles for the Peachick

  <= My friend Paulina (“the peacock“) is having a baby!!!  Babies always warrant fun crafts, multiple trips to Hobby Lobby, and laying on the couch crocheting. Flashing back to Paulina’s bridal shower last summer… Over a couple of mimosas … Continue reading

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Comatose Crochet

Sometimes I get lazy.  Really lazy.  Really, really lazy.  Sometimes I’m too lazy to sit up to sew…that’s when I knit.  Sometimes I get too lazy to move both arms to knit…and that’s when I crochet. I’ve been doing a … Continue reading

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Going Lala-Loopy

Our little Penny turned 3 years old this Saturday.  She’s such a good sport for being so willing to be a part of our family….                 For once, instead of tormenting the poor … Continue reading

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