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The Hot Water Whale

I wanted to make a belated Christmas present for my best friend’s (super-adorable, handsome, sweet) little baby Milo.  Since his nursery theme is “whales”, I thought I might have a go at this Lucinda Guy whale pattern => I decided to first ask … Continue reading

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Cat-eyePad cover

  My friend/ coworker Sylvia had a birthday this week (55!) making her eligible to order more budget-friendly options off the senior menu at our local IHOP.       I once showed Sylvia a picture of this cat iPad cover … Continue reading

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Crafting like an elf hittin’ the syrup

Long gone are the fabulous spendthrift days of fancy free mall shopping; in this decade granny makes all of her holiday gifts herself…                 The Christmas season has now become the annual catalyst … Continue reading

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Merry Fishmas

It’s that time of year again…making holiday gifts for my co-workers who always take the extra time to remind me that they are my co-workers, not my friends.  Well, I happen to like you guys anyway…   First up:  The … Continue reading

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It’s Hank’s birthday time of year again!  His mom (the felt mouse) is a super crafter, so I know that homemade gifts are definitely appreciated in his neck of the woods, even if they happen to inadvertently turn out kinda-wonky.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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The dress from ACK!

Or I just forgot how to sew.  Or suffered brain damage somehow. My co-worker’s daughter had a 4-year birthday party this Saturday.  Along with a gift for Riley (the birthday girl), maybe I should have taken along those infant bibs … Continue reading

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Plums are ok…

But peplums are awesome!!!   Maybe because they hide my biggest problem area in such cute fashion, or maybe because they remind me of one of my childhood favorites The Jetsons….     but I love peplums!!   Who wouldn’t want to look … Continue reading

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Third time’s the charm

I think… I’ve had my eye on the Vogue “galaxy dress”for quite some time now.  Clearly, other sew-ers have fashioned FABULOUS versions of this dress for themselves, as evidenced here, and here, and here, and here, and ….   Attempt 1: … Continue reading

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Beasties for the bestie

  My best friend Valerie and I have been friends for almost forever.  Well, it seems like forever anyway, we’re like sisters.  It all began one morning in the mid 1980′s at the YMCA “drive the children of working parents … Continue reading

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Off the wagon and back on the horse

After a great deal of sitting on the couch knitting (shhhh-It’s for someone who actually reads this thing.  I’ll post later…), I’ve returned to my true love-my sewing machine.  I decided to celebrate with a Vogue 8789.         … Continue reading

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