Emerald green

For some reason, in my mind, the color emerald green equates to old Hollywood glamour. There is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation behind this that has to do with how they colorized film at the time, or fashion trends, or that I’m just crazy…  but these are the images emerald green evokes to me:

Emerald City-Wizard of Oz

Curtain dress-Gone With the Wind

MGM Grand Las Vegas

I wanted some of that old Hollywood glamour for myself.  Why do I need Hollywood glamour, you may ask?  So I can be glamorous in my own mind, which is very important when you work with elementary and middle school children.




So a while back I bought this pattern and decided to make it in…emerald green.  I snuck off to the fabric store, bought the supplies, and hid them in a corner so my husband wouldn’t have tangible proof that I need to stop going to the fabric store.




"she had man hands!"




I courted this pattern for quite some time, but not unlike the Jolie-Pitts, was unable to commit.  It was this one piece.  I’m sure it’s a very nice piece that you can grow to overlook once you get to know the dress better… I just didn’t feel like taking the plunge.




Then I came across this fabulousness on lunch break while attending a conference in San Diego.  The Bettie Page store has (drool, gasp, choke, die…) some of the cutest clothes on earth.  This managed to satisfy my green dress need through the fall and winter seasons.






With spring approaching, I began to court Vogue 1084 again, but then Butterick 4919 came into my life.  It was retro, wrappy, modest, and best of all, rated “easy”!





And here is how it all turned out:





















Maybe not as glamorous as in my own mind…but a pretty good turnout for a weekend in front of the sewing machine.  I think it would look better if I was more…um…bosomy.  I wonder if they have a “do it yourself” tutorial for that online?











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  1. jennifer w. says:

    Beautiful! Perfect color with your eyes :)

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