As a mother of two, work is pretty much the fanciest place I ever go…but I just had to buy this Simplicity pattern anyway.




Well, at least I would be prepared if I ever got invited to a fancy-pansy party….







I decided to make it in a dark purple sateen, and here’s how it all turned out.

simplicity 1876simplicity 1876



(No makeup= decapitated photo)









































I love how it turned out!  My husband, on the other hand, was a tad concerned about the length and then asked me where the prom was.  I’ve never been to a prom, but I did go to winter formal once:


Yes, my date is wearing jeans with his tailed-tuxedo jacket.  I thought about blurring out his face, but, for those who know me well, you will know that I have a hard time getting over certain things…I must say that it was a fabulous night that culminated in a near fist fight with another group of teenagers in the parking lot of our local Dennys.  Oh, to be a teenager again….






simplicity 1876

and a side by side comparison…haven’t aged one bit…if you cut off the part of the picture where my face is…





I think I’ll wear this dress to an upcoming retirement party we’re going to since I’d look pretty stupid wearing it to the grocery store.  Hopefully I can manage to have myself a brawl-free evening this time around…



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One Response to Promenade

  1. Valerie S says:

    You did a wonderful job! I do appreciate the fact you blew up the Winter Formal picture… no point in hiding your date’s attire.

    May you wear this dress with as much excitement as the first! Here’s to a night free of 103 degree temperatures!

    PS. If your husband asks you to pass the A-1 Sauce please refuse his request ;)

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