Hoppy Easter!

Spring break = more time to craft!!!  ….  oh, and special family time too…


I bought this rabbit flannel on an impulse-driven Joann stop one day after work.  Josie recently inquired longingly about the fate of the “bunny fabric”.  I decided to make the girls simple Easter nightgowns.  I chose this pattern because it uses the least amount of fabric out of all the pajama patterns I have.  Dang pajama patterns need too much material!  And why do I have so many pajama patterns anyway?!?



Pay no attention to the extension cord in the background



Here’s how it turned out.  A little long in the sleeves, but maybe the girls will grow into them by next Easter.






I also got it into my head that I wanted to make myself a Tiffany blue/ robin’s egg colored Easter dress.


Funny thing is, being from southern California, when I think robin’s eggs, I think of….









I once did a project in college about the foraging behavior of robins in varying environments and at different times of day.  I monitored the quantity and efficacy of their pecks, and the number of robins feeding at each given time.  I grew to loathe those poor little creatures.  I much prefer the candy; it’s much yummier than the actual bird (so I assume, at least).

Anyway…back on topic…


I used Butterick 5708






Here’s how the dress turned out.

I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either.  The bodice doesn’t lie very well and I can’t shake the feeling that I have two overgrown mutant flies sitting on my shoulders.  Too bad I’m not a fabulous 50′s fashion sketch; the dress looks much better on her.  That, and she looks like she has somewhere super fun to go.  I, on the other hand, am off to fold the laundry.



And finally, this was the beverage for today, and comes HIGHLY recommended by me.  It’s from the food network website and can be found here.  Have a happy Easter all and enjoy!!!




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