Penny turned two too soon…last April

The end of the school year is always a super busy time.  Even with that though, there has been a little bit of time and energy left for crafting.

First up was Penny’s birthday celebration.  When you are the second child, your mother posts about your birthday on her blog almost two months after it happens….  Poor child, at least we remembered to celebrate.



We devoured a red velvet cake from Porto’s.  Highly, highly, highly, so highly recommended!



Here are some of the gifts I made for Penny:


A crochet dog, bowl, and bone-Penny LOVES dogs.  The pattern was purchased from this etsy seller.




Penny is beginning to love dressing up, so I used Simplicity 2989







to make Snow White and Minnie Mouse dresses.




The original plan was to go to Disneyland to get a picture in one of the dresses with Minnie Mouse…  Never happened….Maybe this summer we’ll go and it won’t be hot and crowded (hahaha).  Meanwhile, I’m now thinking of how I can make an Ariel dress with the same pattern for an Ariel-loving little lady in our lives who’s birthday is next week.

Then after a few craft fails that I may or may not post about later depending on how successful I am at salvaging them….were a few gifts:

What do you make for your principal who banned cupcakes from school birthday celebrations?  A “no cupcake” tie!

Now I must honestly say that I fully approve of the school’s no cupcake rule, and have been trying to lend support by telling slightly exaggerated “my child was almost given peanut butter at school to which she is deathly allergic” anecodotes.  I didn’t take a picture of said principal wearing the “no cupcake” tie in order to avoid ourselves the awkward silence that would come about after I asked him ”can I take a picture of you in the tie to post on” (crickets…)


Next project was an end of the year “thank you” gift for Josie’s AWESOME kindergarten teacher.  Josie said that her teacher’s favorite colors are green and purple.  I didn’t have anything matching that description in my stash, so OF COURSE I had to make a trip to the fabric store.  Oh how I missed you M&L!





I made an apron from this pattern again.  I think the time has about come to invest in a bias tape maker…





And finally, a baby gift for my husband’s school principal.  This turned out so cute it was almost worth staying up until 3 am on a work night to finish it.




Whoo hoo! Swimming and crafting!


Summer is rapidly approaching!!!  That means air conditioning and crafting…and playing with my children too.  There are a few new little boys to be born in the near future (please note: NOT by me), so I am on the lookout for cute baby boy ideas.  Suggestions would be MUCH appreciated-I have all girly patterns.





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