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I remember seeing The Little Mermaid as a freshman in high school in the theater-twice- and wondering how they were going to skate past the death of the main character without traumatizing all the little children watching.  They let her survive!  She married the prince!  Yeah!!!!  The Little Mermaid is such a great girly movie and measures right up there with Dirty Dancing.



waddle waddle


I wanted to make an Ariel costume-dress as a birthday present for a little lady in our lives.  The little mermaid costume has two major pitfalls: the always awkwardness of being half naked, and walking in a fin.  Now at this point, I soooo wish I could post the picture of my friend Valerie dressed as Ariel’s sister (Arista?) in a play in high school, but I value our friendship too much…I’m very sure that she would never speak to me again.  So instead, here is some random person I found on the internet.




I decided to do a shell top and a dress bottom.  I figured that if they are selling these as Ariel dresses that it would look sort of alright.  I was debating on whether or not to use a skin-colored fabric as a background but decided that I didn’t like the idea of a 5 year old looking so exposed in public.


Here’s how it all turned out.  I’m not even sure it looks like Ariel  (wow, a mermaid without a fin doesn’t really look like a mermaid-who would have thought?), but at least it has TULLE!!  What girl doesn’t love tulle?






I’m thinking that I need to indulge my girlish side with some tulle, so that’s definitely going on my growing summer project list.  I think I’ll pass on the shell bra though..

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  1. Valerie S says:

    It turned out really well!!! Thank you for NOT posting my turquoise fin costume…it was painful. I wonder what seamstress took on the task of make several dozen back in high school. Can you imagine going to the fabric store and purchasing 15 yards of turquoise spandex! By the way… I was Armada :)

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