“Hello, it’s your family…

remember us?  We love you….” said my husband to me while I was sewing the other day. This may be a sign that I might be crafting a wee bit too much over summer break.


The first dress of the summer was a shameless copy of this one–with a belt!  The top of the dress was made from Burda 7494 with a circle skirt for the bottom.  I love the dresses that Julia Bobbin makes and plan on pilfering a few more of hers in the future.  I found a great tutorial here for the belt which I would highly recommend.  Here’s how the dress turned out for me:






























My husband thought the dress looked very “sexy librarian”….









Next up, I had been planning on making a copy of this dress featured as a Make this Look osew weekly.  One day when cleaning Penny’s room though, I happened to listen to the soundtrack from Grease on repeat (I was trying to feel young again while folding my children’s clothing-Grease had been a sorority rush theme for me…um….5…yeah 5…. years ago at the G-Phi-B house).

After that, I decided I wanted to make my version a little more Sandyish:


I found McCalls 4769, added white cuffs, and viola!- instant 50′s housewife.








Is it sick that I actually really do like to iron?






For my next dress, I wanted to use a pique fabric and decided on simplicity 1873 and added a navy sash.



































I was soooo happy with how it turned out until my husband told me that the dress made me look like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  Now, truth be told, I did try out to play Dorothy in my 6th grade play, but I guess the school staff felt that the role of Miss Gulch would be a better fit for me….  go figure.






Well, I’m going to seize this golden opportunity to finally realize the dream: so here goes….







My final dress was a rip off of this dress from Anthropologie.  I decided to use a cheap Italian restaurant tablecloth lace fabric instead of the nice stuff they probably use at the store.

The dress went from this:
















to this:






I used a navy blue fabric under the cheepie lace.  I like the dress, as long as a I don’t look back and see how much better the inspiration dress looks.







I then realized that EVERY dress I have sewn so far is blue!  Perhaps a trip out of the house will inspire a more varied use of color in the future.

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