So my older daughter is a hand full.  Of course I love her with a passion, but Josephine has what you would call…a “strong” personality.  One of the perils of taking her to the fabric store is her absolute ADORATION of fabric like this…

timeless treasures-flames


At first I flat out refused to buy this monstrosity and went home and chuckled about her request that afternoon with my husband.  He gave me a talk on the benefits of fostering creativity and individuality in our children.  Basically, I’ll consent to any excuse to return to the fabric store….so a few days later, off  I went back to my favorite place.





So, the question became…how does one tone down “fire” fabric?  Josie’s first choice was to pair it with this…




Ok, so that’s where creativity ends and mom intervenes.  My eyes just couldn’t handle that combination.





I made her a dress using McCalls 5838 pattern (view A).  Not a huge fan of the pattern overall, and I probably won’t make it again.  I finished the dress pretty quickly, but stalled about 2 months in putting in the zipper (I can’t imagine why, haha).  Finally, I’ve come to terms with the idea that my daughter will look like she is on fire in public, and this is how it all turned out.  It ends up that the answer to my question is that it is impossible to “tone down” fire fabric.

ahhh! my eyes!! :)

close up of the bust


My daughter loves her new dress, and swears that she overheard someone today commenting on how cute it was.  I’m just praying that she won’t ask to wear it on her first day of kindergarten….

So now that that one is over and done with, here is the next fabric choice that Josie could simply not live without…

Alexander Henry Tale of the Dragon Brite










Oh lord.

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2 Responses to Pyromania

  1. Valerie S says:

    It turned out SURPRISING well! I agree, it is not a fabric that can be tamed…. I wonder why she was pulled so strongly toward it??? I love that girl and it is perfect on her. Please tell her I think she looks beautiful in her new dress. The flames make me think of very spicy bbq sauce….

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