84 degrees

was the temperature on the day that I finished knitting my new houndstooth scarf.  I made it just in time for…..the end of summer.


Mommy, where do knitting projects go when they die?

In all honesty, between a back strain, a road trip to Arizona, and a family “sewing intervention”, I received an unwanted separation from my beloved sewing machine.  I really do adore sitting down and knitting, but I HATE sewing the pieces together when they are all done.  That, and my children grow at a rate much too fast for me to knit for them….I have too many sweater parts lying around for me to be able to pick up the needles truly guilt-free.


cue angelic harp music..

I decided to peruse free patterns on the ravelry website and found a link to this houndstooth scarf.  So cute, free, and it uses my favorite yarn from Hobby Lobby!  The closest Hobby Lobby to my house is about a 30-45 minute drive and totally worth it.  I am absolutely in love with their cheepie acrylic yarn (appropriately called “I Love This Yarn”).  It is so so so soft, so cheap, and machine washable.  The color range is pretty nice too, see?  Ok, promo over, now back to the show.


hit me baby one more time

I decided to start the scarf on our trip to visit the in-laws in Arizona.  You know, because nothing says great knitting weather like a summer in Phoenix…but it was either that or play Wii Just Dance 3 all day with the kiddos (ok, I admit-I did play just a little…it’s just impossible for me to say “no” to pretending to be Britney Spears for 3 minutes).



Here is the end result in front of our garage freezer.  Yes folks, my husband has his own freezer for beer glasses.  Hopefully he won’t read about me making fun of his freezer, or I’ll never be allowed a cold beverage again-and I’ll sure need one after wearing the scarf all day.






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