Off the wagon and back on the horse

My lazy living landscape. TV looks blurry. I must need more coffee.

After a great deal of sitting on the couch knitting (shhhh-It’s for someone who actually reads this thing.  I’ll post later…), I’ve returned to my true love-my sewing machine.  I decided to celebrate with a Vogue 8789.



Is it wrong that when I see young folk on a date I want to scream "don't do it!" at them and point at my children?



I went to the fabric store thinking a white dress with black polka dots would be nice….kind of like a dalmatian, but flouncy, and summery….not hairy and drooly.




Trust me, it looks better on her.


When I got to the fabric store I changed my mind after becoming enamored with a black fabric with white polka dots, and bought it up for my new dress.  When I got home I remembered that I already have a black dress with white polka dots!  Oh well, no returns once the fabric has been cut….






It was pretty easy to put together thanks to this tutorial (thank you, thank you!  I swear I spent about an hour ignoring my family, muttering curse words under my breath, and trying to turn those loops before I found you…).   What?  The buttons are brown!?!  Seriously?!?  Brown!?!   But I already sewed on 10 of them!  I mean…….. I selected brown buttons to provide a slight contrast to the black fabric.




Is a cummerbund holding up those jeans? If so, I certainly hope that it is red to match my fine corsage...

The only thing I’m still not sure about is the cummerbund.  Yes, I said cummerbund.  Like the prom.  I haven’t been to a prom since….oh wait, I never went to the prom.  Did I mention that I did go to winter formal once and my date wore jeans?  I may or may not have mentioned that before…


Here is the end result.  Not quite the playful dalmatian I initially envisioned, but maybe a polka dot zebra?  Mutant okapi?  Bizarro giraffe?  Oh, who cares.  I’m off to a baby shower.


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One Response to Off the wagon and back on the horse

  1. Valerie S says:

    So pretty! Yet another great creation!!!

    I think you need to add a picture of us- how did we both end up wearing black with white polka dots to my Baby Shower?

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