Third time’s the charm

I think…

Rip-off this awesome Roland Mouret dress

I’ve had my eye on the Vogue “galaxy dress”for quite some time now.  Clearly, other sew-ers have fashioned FABULOUS versions of this dress for themselves, as evidenced here, and here, and here, and here, and ….


Attempt 1:

Sometime back in August 2011, I found a gorgeous turquoise and black polka dot fabric at my favorite place and it was Vogue galaxy time!!  I got to work one weekend and decided not to sleep until I was finished.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that the sleeves required netting.  “Netting, how fun!” I thought.  I was definitely going to wear this one on my first day back at work.  And then….

Oh my 80’s!!  I was never a very stylish pre-teen, but if I was, I would have DEFINITELY worn this dress with a French braid (or maybe a side pony?) to my school’s “Turkey Trot” dance.

This is what a crazed sew-er looks like at 2am. Please don't judge.



The dress has now taken up permanent residence crumpled in the closet corner waiting for both a hem and that my school of employment have an “80’s day”.  Tell me why, why, why are there so many “pajama days” and never an 80’s day?!?….  I’ll keep my hopes up…when my dream is finally realized, I’ll have the PERFECT outfit.  I’m not getting any younger… so by then my varicose veins might coordinate quite nicely with the turquoise of the fabric.









Attempt 2:

shoulder pads ROCK!!!

Instantly obtain the physique of a linebacker--shoulder pads ROCK!!!


August 2012, I gave the vogue 8280 another stab with some leftover burgundy poplin I had on hand.  Even though I have been a shoulder pad aficionado from a very young age, I decided to pass on the puffy sleeves this time.




I even lined the dress with some adorable leftover navy polka dot fabric.  “I’m gonna look so cool, like I just walked out of Tommy Hilfiger” I thought.  But (butt) Ack!!!  The fabric had NO stretch to it.


Preferring to keep the more unflattering pictures of my backside off the internet, I will spare you the photo of the reverse of this dress. Let me just say that “butt wrinkles” is not the look I’m trying to achieve.



That day I learned a valuable fact.  The recommended fabrics on the back of the envelope are recommended for a reason.  I’ll add that one to my list of “life’s valuable lessons” along with this beauty (see below):



  • It is a BAD idea to attempt to smuggle chocolate chip cookies out of the dorm cafeteria by hiding them in the elastic waistband of your shorts.  When you smile at that sweet looking group of guys walking by, the cookies WILL fall out through the crotch of your shorts at EXACTLY that moment.  (And yes, this did actually happen to me…you think I would have gotten more dates in college after that…but sadly, no.)

Attempt #3: Gabardine

I still don’t know what gabardine is exactly.  I think I like it’s super cheap, machine washable, and doesn’t wrinkle.  The third attempt cost me about $10 to make.  I decided on the same version as attempt #2, but with the flange modification shown here.

Oh thank you fairy godmother, I'm going to look so fabulous at the IEP meeting!


When I tried the dress on, my mother commented that it seemed too fancy to wear to my public-school job.  I decided to wear it to work anyway.  As usual, mom may have been right…when I stepped out of my car first thing in the morning, the school groundskeeper yelled across the parking lot at me “I love the dress!  Where’s the ball?”.



Hot and juicy?!?! (Blush) Why thank you! were talking about your mistake...


I also got complements from two complete strangers at mid-day, which I took to mean that I was appropriately styled during my lunch outing at our local Wendy’s.  Extra bonus…had I gotten sauce on the dress…it’s machine washable and dry-able!



And finally-enough blabbering, here it is:

vogue galaxy dress 8280


vogue galaxy dress 8280



































And now I’m off to the ball!–and by “ball”, I mean of course, passing out on the couch while watching recordings of the Maury show.  “You are the father” and goodnight.

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