Plums are ok…

But peplums are awesome!!!




Maybe because they hide my biggest problem area in such cute fashion, or maybe because they remind me of one of my childhood favorites The Jetsons….



but I love peplums!!


Who wouldn’t want to look like an old-school futuristic housewife?



One morning during my usual sneak out of bed at 5am because that is the only time the house is quiet and I can drink my delicious, delicious, so delicious cup of coffee uninterrupted and scour the internet for future projects to obsess over routine:  I saw this on sewing pattern review, and thought it might have potential.




So I thought and thought and thought about it all day (“Students, let’s work on thinking flexibly by discussing the pros and cons of versions A, B, and C of NewLook 6130″).  Driving home from work I even had the idea of sneaking all the way over to Jo-Ann Fabrics and looking for the pattern (“oh family…I’ve had such a tough day at work and just managed to break away now!“).  I admit though, I got lazy.  Really lazy.  I passed a Walmart on my way home, and it was that day I discovered that Walmart carries NewLook patterns…. and really cheap gum.


Cute, but not a prudent choice for my job at the local public school.


I used some of my leftover powder blue pique fabric to make a franken-version.  I was so pleased that I managed to cut the entire top out of scraps..and then realized that I forgot the two back pieces.  :O  I ended up making up some sort of v-back (is that the right word for opposite of v-neck?) from the scrap’s scraps in order to avoid looking like this.  =>


Pants too tight. Can't breathe. Must. Look. Cool.



The top needed a bit of adjustment.  I ended up taking in the sides about 1/2 inch and the shoulder seam by about 1-1/2-2 inches. I think I may have overdone it a tad.  I guess there’s a reason that my friends from high school tease me about my love of near spandex-tight clothing.




And here is how it all turned out:



new look 6130

new look 6130new look 6130





Next up…I’ll be taking the flying car to Mooning Dales to search for an overly-starched triangle-collar that matches my new peplumed shirt.


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