After having children, I’ve come to realize that babies already have their personalities established at birth.  Watching my girls grow, it’s so funny to see all their little quirks, and not so funny when you realize that you have the same quirks and they got them from you.  Poor kids…. they have my genetics to inherit.

When Josie was a baby, she loved music, ate sand, refused to sleep, adored Elmo, laughed hysterically, hated juice, and played with any type of fuzz (“fluffies”) she could find.

Penny loves to sleep, sucks on her two little fingers, is very serious, craves apple juice, is mesmerized by Blue’s Clues, and will crawl around the house looking for any place she knows has belt buckles to play with (her high chair, stroller, dad’s backpack…)

Josie and I were at Jo-Anns the other day and laughed our butts off when we saw belt buckles at 50% off.  Penny would love these!!!  We bought three and I decided to make a toy for her.  This is what I came up with after my husband convinced me that my original idea of concentric rings would not be as cute as a jellyfish or octopus.

jelly toy!

close up of belts

backside-we love you Penny!

I borrowed the belt pattern from the handles on this purse.  (I abandoned the purse project after sewing a hole straight through my finger and having a tingling arm for 2 days.  Still need to recover psychologically from that one…)

Josie later advised me that real jellyfish do not have eyes, but that she guessed it was ok since it was a baby toy.  I guess I’ve done well in shoving my biology degree down her throat.

crazy hair



Penny seems to like her new toy well enough anyway.

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