Crafting like an elf hittin’ the syrup

"I used to be with it, then they changed what it was. Now what was it isn't it, and what is it is weird and scary to me. It'll happen to you too." (Grandpa Simpson)

Long gone are the fabulous spendthrift days of fancy free mall shopping; in this decade granny makes all of her holiday gifts herself…

Don't you remember all the great times we had together???









The Christmas season has now become the annual catalyst to my metamorphosis from a somewhat-sane and caring mother to a nocturnal needle-armed beast from the depths of hell.

I love you so much family!







keep those dirty little kid-hands off my knitting! Oh, and bring me some coffee. And chocolate.












Project #1:  Super Gavin

The first project was a gift for Gavin’s 7th birthday.  I saw these superhero masks/ cape on my buddy’s blog that I thought would be perfect for him too.  The pattern is from this cute website (check out the princess crowns …)  I ended up stitching the masks by hand, not because I’m a super-crafter, but because I felt too lazy to sit upright to machine-sew.  Here’s how the masks turned out:

superhero masks felt

My husband slash comic book geek then told me that the gift would be incomplete without a superhero cape.  I figured that as the king of the nerds, he should know what he’s talking about.  Here’s what I managed to turn out the morning of the party with the felt I had on hand (as modeled by a pajama-clad Josie):






















I then realized a striking resemblance to……





Sorry Gavin, but the sad truth is that superhero costumes are a little geeky after all…although the ability to fix computers is a highly useful superpower that many girls some girls nerds like me look for in a man.

Project #2: Thank You for Putting Up With Teaching My Child

Do you sell a Rupert Grint pattern too?


I found this adorable amigurumi owl ornament pattern online and was suckered into buying it because of it’s name “Rupert the owl”.  (Rupert, like Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies!)


Anyway… here’s the owl Rupert made in shades of green (Ms. Lee’s favorite color):

rupert amigurumi crochet owl ornament

rupert amigurumi crochet owl ornament








Project #3:  ”I want a Knuffle Bunny and a Hello Kitty Hat”


Josie wanted just that.  Knuffle Bunny is an awesome book about a toddler’s adoration of her stuffy.  I used a tiger pattern and bunny ears both from this book to create a Knuffle Bunny.






amigurumi Knuffle Bunny rabbit crochet

Riger/ Knuffle Bunny






and the Hello Kitty hat:

knit hello kitty hat(The basic hat pattern is from this book and the bow is made from felt with a chain stitch accent.)

knit hello kitty hat knuffle bunny crochet amigurumi

Project #4:  Penny’s Too Small to Ask for Something Obscure So I Can Still Make Her Whatever I Want

"When somebody loved me"


When I asked Penny what she wanted me to make her, she said “bunny”.  I decided to make her a coordinating stuffy and hat using this beloved childhood toy as my inspiration.

(Basic hat pattern found here; pajama stuffy pattern modified from this book).

amigurumi girl in pajamas crochet
I added hair in the end since the poor child looked bald.

knit bunny rabbit hat pink






knit rabbit hat amigurumi girl doll crochetknit rabbit hat amigurumi girl doll crochet



Penny seemed to enjoy her ensemble…up until the point that she threw it on the floor and initiated operation “steal Josie’s knuffle bunny”.





















Project #5: You Really Want Me To Make You An R2D2 Hat?

One of the first times I ever saw my husband, he was in his dorm room playing a non-action-packed round of computer chess.  That being said, I wasn’t shocked when he asked me to make him an R2D2 hat for Christmas  (free pattern here!).

knit r2d2 hat

beep beep









Project #6: Even More Stuffies

I needed two more stuffies for Gavin and Roxy’s Christmas presents.  The idea for Gavin’s was pilfered from this image I saw on Pinterest:


I used the stuffy in pajamas pattern again to make a monster-y version this time:

amigurumi crochet boy monster pajamas





amigurumi  boy monster pajamas









The plan for Roxy’s stuffy was a modified ballerina bunny from this book.

amigurumi bunny rabbit ballerina crochet


<= Here’s the ballerina rabbit I made for Josie last Christmas.  I decided to make it in koala this time around.  Unfortunately, the ears on top of the bunny are there for a reason.  They add height and elongate that cute, pudgy little tummy.

Without the bunny ears, the stuffy looks a little too…

Jean-Luc Picard for my taste.


Captain's blog supplemental








amigurumi koala crochet ballerina


The Hail Mary was the addition of a last minute crocheted crown to add height to this poor little lady’s head (and draw attention away from those enormous ears).  I then went and added matching earrings which….accentuated the ears.  Go me.







And then Christmas came.  And went.  There are a few more projects that I didn’t have time to get to..and a few more kidlet’s crafts to finish up.  I advise you stay away.  Far away.


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  1. jennifer w. says:

    You are so cute! Looks like a wonderful handmade holiday :)

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