The Hot Water Whale

Wilbur Whale

I wanted to make a belated Christmas present for my best friend’s (super-adorable, handsome, sweet) little baby Milo.  Since his nursery theme is “whales”, I thought I might have a go at this Lucinda Guy whale pattern =>

I decided to first ask my husband his opinion on whether or not I should make it for Milo.  This is how I remember our conversation happening:

  • Me: Is this cute? (showing picture)
  • Husband: Yes.
  • Me: Should I make it for baby Milo?
  • Husband: Yes
I decided to go for it.

Apparently this is how my husband remembers the exact same conversation:

  • Me: Does this look like a hot water bottle? (showing picture)
  • Husband: Yes
  • Me: Do you like nachos?
  • Husband: Yes

We're whalers on the Moon, we carry a harpoon. But there ain't no whales so we tell tall tales and sing our whaling tune.


Mid-construction I changed the whale’s embroidery from “harpooned-whale-red” to “sea-weedy” green.

My brain keeps telling me that at this point you would all enjoy this extremely obscure  Futurama reference.

(My brain says “you’re welcome” BTW.)


In the end my husband was wrong.  The whale stuffy ended up looking nothing at all like a hot water bottle…  see???


Because clearly, hot water bottles don’t  have eyes.

no eye








I mean, really?  How ridiculous would this look?



So baby Milo, I hope you enjoy your super cetacean-y, marine-mammal-ly, and not at all hot water bottle-ly WHALE.  <3

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2 Responses to The Hot Water Whale

  1. jennifer w. says:

    It’s adorable! Just like its recipient :)

  2. Valerie S says:

    We love it!!! It’s perfect! Thank you, Auntie!

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