Cat-eyePad cover

Don't get fresh with me Rooty Tooty!


My friend/ coworker Sylvia had a birthday this week (55!) making her eligible to order more budget-friendly options off the senior menu at our local IHOP.




I once showed Sylvia a picture of this cat iPad cover available for sale on Etsy.  In her aged state, she somehow got it into her head that this was a free downloadable pattern (Nope.  It’s $78 made to order) and has been pestering me since Christmas to make her the “cat iPad cover”.  Well, I simply can’t say “no” to a senior citizen, so this January, Sylvia got her wish.


Wasn't I a good enough servant to you?


In her day to day life as our school’s speech and language pathologist, Sylvia uses her district-issued iPad quite frequently.  At this point, she was looking to upgrade from…..wrapping it in saran wrap.




While I really do love the cat iPad cover above, I wanted to make something that looked less……. like it wants kick your butt and eat you.  Instead I wanted something modern, but with a 50′s flair (a nod to her birth generation).  I decided to make this great envelope iPad cover listed here on tipnut.  Here were some of the additional inspirations I found on pinterest:






<= I LOVE the cat’s blue eye shadow!!!!

I soo want to wear some!

(What? It was HALLOWEEN…I hope.)


 Ok, maybe not.


Sylvia said that her favorite colors were purple and “peacock colors”.  Because I don’t want my husband to have a valid reason to divorce me over my “fabric addiction”, the challenge became how to make this darned thing without setting foot in a fabric store.

Here were some of my initial ideas:

a little too dowdy...

a little better, but kind of...limbless






that's it!/ front and back

starburst inspiration from this fine china







After digging manically through the stash, I chose a jean for the outside, a purple sateen for the lining, and a light brown felt for the cat.


I'm going to eat your soul....



I then set to work ….



(Segoe Script)


My heart dropped a little when I realized that the script embroidery + jean fabric reminded me forcefully of Guess! jeans in the 80′s.


I then figured that since my goal was modern+50′s…. if you take the mean of 2013 and 1958 you get 1985.5.  There you go.  See?  Math explains everything.


Flash forward through many OCD-filled hours…and here’s the final product:

cat iPad cover envelope



cat iPad cover envelope












I added an empty head under the velcro so she wouldn’t look decapitated (or would it be de-cat-itated?) when the envelope was opened.

All the cool cats are wearing mid-back bows

And finally, here is Sylvia with her fancy new iPad cover.  Goodbye saran wrap!

iPad cat cover envelope

(This was the only part of our classroom that was sort of picked up.)  No time to clean though….we’re off for a frugal birthday lunch at the IHOP!  (After our very hard, super laborious morning of work, that is).

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  1. Christy says:

    That kitty cover is so stinkin cute! I love it! Very creative, I’d make one for our IPad but I’m pretty sure my hubs would make it “disappear” for a lack of manliness. Awesome job!

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