Me Too!

Josie really loved Penny’s new school girl dress and asked (begged? pleaded? cajoled?) me to make her one too.  Penny’s was made from a vintage pattern that only comes in size 2.  I remembered that I had this Simplicity 2574 pattern in her size that could be adapted to vaguely resemble the dress I had made Penny.

I’ve never used a Project Runway pattern before, but really enjoyed the versatility it offered.  I tried to match the colors of Penny’s dress as closely as I could.  I decided to make the yoke white (like Penny’s collar), but didn’t have enough fabric for the sleeves and belt accent.  I ended up using some navy blue scraps I had in an attempt to tone down the mania of the “anime” material.  I had no idea what the dress would look like when I started, but here is how it turned out in the end:

rapunzel feet

Let’s compare butts:


I think Josie’s dress came out even better than Penny’s dress (Marsha Marsha Marsha!…).  My favorite part is the sweet little pleated sleeves.  I definitely prefer the school girl dress to the inferno dress, which probably means that Josie will favor the fire dress just to be her usual contradictory self.  :)


See what I mean?!?

(I would highly recommend this pattern to all sewers!  It comes in sizes 1/2 year to 8.)

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