Comatose Crochet

Sometimes I get lazy.  Really lazy.  Really, really lazy.  Sometimes I’m too lazy to sit up to sew…that’s when I knit.  Sometimes I get too lazy to move both arms to knit…and that’s when I crochet.

I’ve been doing a lot of laying around….I mean… CROCHETING lately.

“Oh, You’re having a birthday?!?  A baby you say?!?  I must lay on the couch for hours and crochet you something.  What children?  You say you want to eat again?  Didn’t I feed you two yesterday?  Darned kids.”


Project #1-A Gift for Maria: You were supposed to say “pink bunny”

Maria was celebrating her 5th birthday so I sent her mother the text “What is Maria’s favorite color and animal?” thinking I would crochet her a customized stuffy.

Her answer back was: “rainbow unicorn. LOL”

Wow, ok.  I went searching on the Ravelry website and found this great free pattern!



…and it’s called “Hermione”…Hermione….just like ME!!!…wait…I mean that girl from Harry Potter:






It’s easy to see how I often get myself and Hermione confused- the resemblance is striking…with the exception that we look nothing alike and give or take about 25 years.

“You look so much like Hermione Granger” said no one to me ever.  :(

Any-hoo…back on the topic of rainbow unicorns.  I thought maybe I could do the mane in rainbow colors and maybe something rainbow-y with the bottom of the feet:

Here were my initial attempts at rainbow feet.  I thought a few looked too Rastafari while others looked too “nipple-y”.  (Probably not the effect Maria was hoping for…)

I liked the half-rainbow foot and decided to do it with a sky blue background.  After many hours of unicorn abuse via hook and needle, here is how it everything came together:

amigurumi crochet rainbow unicorn

amigurumi crochet rainbow unicorn

amigurumi crochet rainbow unicornamigurumi crochet rainbow unicorn














Check out my rainbow feet!





























Project #2-Birthday Present for Maddie: If you don’t like octopuses, you could tell everyone it’s the blue ghost from PacMan 

I have had it in my head to make myself this chicken purse (or “cluck clutch“).  For some strange reason, I just think it would be so funny/ awesome to walk around with a chicken in my armpit, and then whip my wallet out of its belly at the local In-N-Out to pay for my lunch (I dream big, I know…).



My fashion-forward friend/ co-worker’s opinion, however, was that a chicken purse would definitely not fit in with the “sexy librarian” look I’ve been working so hard to cultivate.  I disagree with her-chickens clearly love books, see?  =>


From Amigurumi on the Go

The girls were invited to Maddie’s 5th birthday party and I thought it would be hilarious to make her a “cluck clutch” with eggs inside.  After giving it some thought, and deciding that maybe her parents wouldn’t appreciate me giving their daughter a present that poops, I decided to check out the offerings in this book and thought the octopus bag was cute.  I had some dark and light blue yarn on hand and this is how my version turned out:

ana paula rimoli amigurumi crochet octopus backpack
I wanted to add a little flair to the bag like a fancy-pants purse, so I added an initial-fish pull-tab to the back zipper.








Project #3-Birthday Present for Boss: Your caffeine withdrawal has been harder for us than it has been for you, TRUST me



What do you gift the man with a Mountain Dew addiction who gives up caffeine until he finishes his hike up Mount Whitney this summer?  A Superman soda cozy/koozie for his hillbilly-fuel induced high on the way down, of course!

crochet drink cozy koozie superman


I used this free pattern found on as a springboard.




The changes I made were:

  • Superman colors
  • adding a circular bottom to support the can
  • smaller yarn/ embroidery for the crest
  • a satin cape!




Project #4-Your mother is one of the cutest pregnant women I’ve ever seen and I hate her for it.  But really, she’s a super-nice person and I’m just jealous.

One of my fellow school psychologists is having a baby girl.  Since her shower theme was “ballerina”, I made her a pink and white chevron blanket inspired by this post.  It is a super quick crochet, I am very pleased with how it turned out, and I highly recommend the pattern (which was awesomely free by the way!).  Now I want one for myself, but my husband says that we already have enough blankets in the house.  Well, poop on him and I hope he has a cold summer this year.

chevron crochet baby blanket pink white


Project #5-Penny’s breakfast musings

This morning, while feasting on her Coco Puffs and philosophizing on the meaning of life, Penny asked “you make me a tiara?”  I decided to try this free pattern found on Ravelry to make crowns for Josie and Penny.  Then I forced them to wear it and take pictures in the backyard against their will.  I’m the funnest mom ever.

crochet crown tiara



And in case you were wondering, yes my weird child wears a flamenco dress as clothing.  I made her take off the inner-tube around her waist for the picture though.



Project #6-and in store for the near future…


Summer vacation is coming soon!!!



My sewing machine broke this week.


I’m lost on a roller coaster of emotions….I guess I could get off the couch and find a sewing machine repair shop.  Or I could stay where I am and crochet myself a hankie to cry into instead…

Not made by me...yet



Perfect!  (Free pattern found here)


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9 Responses to Comatose Crochet

  1. Jenn Uyemura says:


    You are so stinkin’ talented ! Maddie fell in LOVE with her Octo Purse and for the record we would had a lot of fun with the poopin’ clutch. LOL She has gotten so many compliments on the purse and although many friends asked if I made it myself and for a brief moment I so wanted to say yes, but those who know me and know me well they all know that this would have been a major lie.

    You really did an outstanding job ! Thanks so much for coming to Maddie’s party and for the perfect gift.

    In regards to the sewing machine issue, you could always borrower Curt’s that I got him for Christmas and maybe even teach him a few things. He would probably kill me announcing it to the world but he has taken some classes and was able to take his machine in to the class to use. I purchase the Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing machine… not sure exactly what all it does but apparently I did good because it cuts the thread on it’s etc.

    Thanks again for coming and it was so good to see you and the girls!

    Jenn :)

  2. kristi_newcomb says:

    Do you have a pattern for the unicorn? It’s so adorable!

  3. emmesyys says:

    I just simply love that rainbow unicorn. If I had some sort of pattern I’d try to make something similar. Just way too cute, I’d be the happiest person ever to own one like that (even if I’m supposed to be an adult already I just LOVE unicorns and rainbows and so on…) Greetings from Finland by the way!

  4. Lauren says:

    Hey I am making a unicorn that looks similar to yours but I want to make the same mane you did. How did you go about doing that?

    • cristinahuynh says:

      I don’t know how to describe how I did it… I think it’s like a latch hook and I just varied the colors and then trimmed. Best of luck.

  5. Jade Pham says:

    Auntie, I have a problem.I just learned how to double stitched,but I lost my crochet hook .I left my other one in California.Can you find it for me?It’s pink, size 5.0m.please find it before you leave tommorow. Meet you at my house :)

  6. Jade Pham says:

    I’m excited to see you at about 3:00 am :) :):):):):):);)

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