Mrs. Kent

One day I was perusing one of my favorite websites and came across this review for Butterick 5603.

reissued 50's pattern: 5603

I love it!



This is how the pattern looked as made by the reviewer.  I love her choice in fabric, belt, and how the skirt flows.  I realized that I had passed over this pattern on the Butterick website so many times because…





Where's my matching corsage?



it was depicted as just way too 80′s prom.  I’ve never actually been to an 80′s prom…..






It's all about the White Rain



…but I may have spent some of my high school career in the 80′s.  So, because I’m neither 16 nor a bridesmaid, I never thought this was the dress for me.





I went back to my favorite place looking for a fabric that had a small floral print to make the shoulder-tied version of this pattern.  This is what I found:

Robert Kaufman: Pristine


My husband later pointed out, probably rightfully so, that 50′s style clothing is usually made from fabric that is only one or two colors, much unlike this fabric.  My thoughts then changed to more of a “shabby chic” dress…kind of a prairie vintage.  Maybe something like Clark Kent’s mother Miss Martha Clark would have worn on her dates with Mr. Jonathan Kent??  (ok, dork alert!-again).



My friend/ coworker advised me that I should wear a “nonthreatening” outfit on the students’ first day back at school (i.e. not my usual black attire).  I thought this dress might be perfect!  Who doesn’t want to receive psychological services from an all-American farm girl?  It seemed almost dorky enough to work.

So here is how it all turned out.

Ta Da!

Lady Diana Spencer-1980



My mother pointed out that the dress needs a slip, but my argument is that it looks very young Princess Di.





I actually did dare wear it on the first day of school.  I got a few complements, a few strange looks, and an invitation to attend prom from one of my more elderly colleagues.   Overall, I thought the dress was a success.  We had a runaway student that I ended up chasing and catching up to in the school parking lot, so I’m glad that the seams held tight, and also that it was a tea length dress (or the entire community would have been privy to my “chonies” as they say where I work).

My only fear…quirky cool sense of fashion?  or weirdo with the home made clothes?…

Oh, who cares? I think sewing is so much fun!

Yeah for sewing!

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3 Responses to Mrs. Kent

  1. jennifer w. says:

    It looks amazing!! Happy new school year :)

  2. Valerie S says:

    You did a lovely job on the dress and this entry. Who cares what anyone else thinks…having said that, I do agree with your mom. Guess I know what to get you for your birthday. :)

  3. Kathy Capron (aka) Aunt Kathy says:

    Love your blog–and the dress. You look adorable. As for the “slip”–you don’t really need one with your figure!!!!!

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