The Devil Loves Tulle

Sung to the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"


Penny turned 4 last weekend.  Along with every other girl in America, the child has  a “Frozen” obsession.  On her birthday list this year were: “Frozen dress”, “Frozen cape”, “Frozen cake”, “Frozen party”, “Frozen hair”, and…


Frozen kitty“.

WTF?!? Frozen kitty??

In an effort to avoid abuse to animals, I decided to instead take a stab at the “Frozen dress” and “Frozen hair” portion of her request list.

There are A LOT of online resources with tips on how to make an Elsa dress.  The problem with her dress is that unlike Snow White, Alice, and Sleeping Beauty that have a unique color combination, Elsa is pretty much just blue.  It’s also a very curve-hugging dress that is challenging to translate into a child’s costume.

Totally OK









I finally decided to princess-ify the bottom half of the dress and make it huge using Simplicity 2463.  I went looking for the most glittery blue fabric that I could find at my favorite place.  The woman cutting the fabric commented that they have been selling A LOT of blue fabric lately for “Frozen” dresses.  I guess there are other family members being held hostage by their mini terrorists…I mean children.


This skirt is smuggling SO MUCH TULLE!!!!  I subsequently spent my week of Spring Break trying to dominate a pile of mesh.  I imagine that in hell there is a sort of a sweatshop where the devil forces everyone to sew tulle for an eternity while sitting at the McDonald’s play place….on a Friday evening at 5:00.  McDonald’s doesn’t sell alcohol, btw.

<=  I couldn’t even numb the pain with wine out of fear that I would end the day looking like this.

I was thinking of adding long sleeves to the dress, but instead reinforced the top with multiple layers of fabric since my first attempt at the bodice ripped miserably under the weight of everything.

Then, on to the hair… I found this great tutorial for making a yarn wig-so quickly and EASILY.  Unfortunately, it really does need the two braids to maintain balance on the head.  I might try the beanie with hair method someday instead.

I crocheted some snowflakes out of turquoise embroidery floss using the patterns: here and here.



It’s the thought that counts…poor Penny is now waking around with “Elsa hair” that looks like this:









And here’s how the dress turned out in the end.  We took Penny to Disneyland on her birthday where she cavorted among the army of mini-Elsas who are in process of taking over the world.

homemade sewn elsa dress frozenhomemade sewn elsa dress frozenhomemade sewn elsa dress frozenhomemade sewn elsa dress frozen

A very airbrushed picture of the entire family:

And finally, the best part of any celebration…CAKE!!!!

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