Gateway Craft

Way back when, I used to go outside of the house.  In fact, here is photographic evidence of some of my good ol’ glory days:

sorority date party

30th birthday limo ride

super fun bride

hosting what was once an annual Halloween party















Nowadays I spend time making stockings for cats.

Yes, cats.


for cats

My buddy Sylvia is mommy to two little lovey cats Mia and Marmalade.  Since they were adopted by her this calendar year, they were in need of Christmas stockings for the upcoming festivities.

I know you're tempted to try the free "dandy dishcloth" pattern...

While you would think that I found my cat-stocking pattern on one of my favorite shows: knitting daily or knit and crochet now… surprisingly I did not.

My inspiration was instead the cat paws Christmas stocking pattern from the redheart website:




It’s a really simple pattern that went together quickly.  If you have nowhere to go, like myself, I would highly recommend it for your furry friends.  Here are my furry friends:

Mia is a girly cat who is playful, sociable, and sweet.  Her mother originally said that her favorite color was pink, but then decided that Mia is a USC fan (yuck!) and liked red instead.  Here is her stocking in a blend of girly pink and traitor red:

crochet cat stocking

Marmalade: Marmy initially looked like she was going to be the sweet one, but her sassy side came through pretty quickly.  She’s a cat that gets what she wants and doesn’t take prisoners.  Her mom said that Marmalade’s favorite color was “diva gold”, like the flecks of fur by her eyes.  Here is the stocking I came up with for Marmy:

crochet cat stocking

And some nitty-gritty construction details:

To make the cuff, I turned the stocking inside out and cast on a stockinette stitch to the edge.  I made about 18 rows in the round, then purled 4 rows.   Once finished, I turned it right side out and folded down the cuff.

The bow is a wonderful and amazingly simple crochet pattern found here.  I just sewed them on to the sides of the stockings.  I HIGHLY recommend it as your go-to bow pattern!

For Mia’s name, I free-handed a chain stitch in cursive.  The “i” is supposed to be a little heart, even though it looks like a misplaced umlaut.

Marmalade’s name (even “Marmy”) is way too long to chain stitch so I had to come up with a different plan.  Using a high end purse’s logo plate as my inspiration, I created a “name plate” out of plastic canvas and then sewed it onto the stocking.


Penny thought that they made excellent cat play paws, which isn’t a bad idea, actually…

In the end, I was pleased with how the stockings came out, although a little worried that my crafting has now gone to the depths of animal accessories… I hope these aren’t a gateway to even dorkier weekend endeavors.

Why you're looking fine, feline...

Friday night crafting club anyone?

I'm wanna rock and roll all night, and crochet every day..

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  1. Jade Pham says:

    I know how to crochet

  2. Jade Pham says:

    I miss YOU! :(

  3. Jade Pham says:

    I luv you

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