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It’s been awhile since my last post…  and I miss my blog.  So here goes:


My most recent project was a birthday gift for a newly 6-year old little lady old named Ruby.   Every time I see the birthday girl, she is smiley, talkative, playful, friendly, and a nature-loving girl.  I asked Ruby’s mother the birthday girl’s favorite animal/ color, and the response was cat/ blue (but also ALL the colors and ALL the animals…see how cute she is?)  My original thought was to make a version of a crocheted bag from Amigurumi on the Go (Ana Paula Rimoli’s stuff is SOOO cute), and turn the bear into a cat using pointy ears and whiskers.


I eventually found my book after 3 days of looking and crocheted about 1/6 of the bag.  Then the book flat out disappeared.  Like, evanesco gone.  After interrogating my children, I ended up getting a half-hearted, sort of confession from one of them….”Um, I may have been reading it, hmm, bedroom, looking at the pictures in the kitchen.  No, I don’t know where it is.  I didn’t take it, why do you keep thinking that I lost your book?

purse by Nette, free pattern available online! :)

Searching tipnut I then found this cutie and decided to make an applique version for Ruby.  I used a lightweight cotton denim fabric (with interfacing) for the outside and a leftover knit heart pattern for the inside.  The appliques were done in felt.  For the cat applique, I found a silhouette online.  For Ruby’s name, I made a template from a word doc using REALLY big Segoe Script font.  Following the magic of some wonder-under and securing with a pick stitch, here is how everything turned out.

close up of the now non-budge-able applique

thank you Penny the purse model!

peek of the lining

Overall, I thrilled with how it turned out!  My kids want one now too, but I want one even more!!!  Is 40 too old to be sporting a monogrammed clutch?

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  1. Chie says:

    Cute bag! Hope Ruby loves it. Thank you for using the pattern from my site!

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