Cat time of year again

Somehow, every year my buddy Sylvia’s birthday pushes me beyond my comfort zone of what is considered socially acceptable to needle craft and what is not.

This year I decided to make a version of Telon & Mio the Cat scarf (pattern purchasable online here).  I thought it would be the ideal combination of crazy and cute…with an essence of road kill.

Telon & Mio

Telon & Mio






The pattern was very easy to follow and included directions for knitting both flat and in the round, which I appreciated.  It did not include any directions for the color schemes in the finished photo.  I wish it would have at least included the face/ head.  The contouring really seems to take the scarf from otter to feline….





So, without the color scheme laid out, I went on obsessing about how to jazz up the cat


and decided on a duplicate stitch since I HATE doing intarsia.  I found a great duplicate stitch tutorial here, and really found that the direction of the stitches made a difference.

in progress


<-I used this graphic from google images.  I wanted to give credit where credit is due, but can’t find where it originally came from.




As long as it's at someone else's expense, and not mine...


And here’s how it all came together…the band-aid and  medical tape was a last minute edition since Sylvia fell and sprained her ankle the morning I brought her gift to work.

Sylvia's initial reaction to opening gift = fight or flight

she's actually rocking the cat scarf!!

My next project will definitely be something less flashy:



Well, something less catty at least.  Stay tuned.




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