Ponyo Loves Sosuke!

This September Josie turned 5.  Five!?!?!? Where has the time gone?


after: five going on 16

When asked what her preferred birthday party theme would be, she chose Ponyo:

Ponyo is a Japanese variation on the little mermaid story.  Basically, this little fish creature (Ponyo) wants to be human because she falls in love with a little boy (Sosuke).  The animation is absolutely gorgeous and the plot is very captivating, especially to children.  This movie is the ONLY thing on earth that will keep Josie sitting for over an hour, I think she can relate to the super-hyper, kind of crazy main character.  The movie is a bit strange though, and it always cracks me up when the characters never even bat an eye when… Ponyo morphs between a fish, girl, and chicken creature, children run on water, prehistoric creatures swim the streets, water becomes animate, and mothers leave their five year olds home alone during a tsunami to go help out at the senior center….

But P0nyo and Sosuke are soooo cute!!!!  And they love each other so much!

Ponyo loves Soskue!

The party favor had to be Ponyo and Soskue dolls.

Wee Whimsy


I used a pattern for “Harry and Ginny” doll pattern from this Etsy seller.  How perfect that not only did these dolls fuel my paired-party favor mania, but also my Harry Potter obsession?  (Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley for all you non-dorks out there).  I made a few changes: stuffed arms and legs, modified the hairlines, minor changes to the face, and shorts for Sosuke.




Then my house became a crazed doll factory.  I think I almost lost my mind…for example….I thought about calling in sick to work so I could stay home and make dolls….  I think my friends and loved ones grew to hate me as a result….  Here is documentation of the obsession:



“What’s for dinner?  No kids, those are not chicken nuggets, those are doll parts.  We are not eating tonight, mommy has to make dolls.”





Adding cheeks.  Feels just like a late 90′s stamping party.





“Flat Sosuke” Japanese cousin of Flat Stanley visits some crazy lady in Fullerton.








Army of un-inside-outed Ponyos.





Many, many, many hours later….24 pairs of Ponyo and Sosuke dolls!

ponyo doll souske

Ta Da!!!

Sooo tired……Poor Penny, we already decided to cancel her next birthday.

WHAT?!? No more birthdays?!?!?!?

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  1. jennifer w. says:

    Loved everything so much, and so glad I have Hank has a set of these dolls to remember the fun party by.

  2. jennifer w. says:

    There was supposed to be a strikethrough over I have :)

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