I NEVER thought I would make an apron

Cake anyone?

My best friend Valerie just bought an awesome new house and was finally able to rescue her kitchen appliances from storage.  The housewarming party warranted making her a new apron!  I wanted to make something to match her 50′s style home, but with Valerie, polyester, 70′s flair.  This is what I came up with…..



simplicity 2592

I used Simplicity 2592, a reissued 50′s apron pattern and some funky, cute, but-not-wearable-as-actual-clothing fabric that I had in my stash.  I’ve been into making my own bias tape and piping lately due to the versatility and cost benefit.  One of my friends pointed out, however, hours and hours into making bias tape, that they sell the same stuff in stores and it costs…like…$1.99.  Oh well, if I would have bought it, I wouldn’t have had the joy of burned fingers, bragging rights, and two hours of obsessive compulsive entertainment.


I’m very happy with how the apron turned out, and am planning on making a couple more as gifts.  I’ve never been much of an “apron” person, but can see the flirty, fun appeal, of wearing one when hosting a cocktail party….although…


Cocktail parties in my life are few and far between…maybe I could make myself an apron for…





….torturing my children at the pumpkin patch.  (yes, in case you were wondering Penny is crying hysterically while we snap photos)




…taking care of my sick children





…a day at the petting zoo







….administering IQ tests






…or going out to eat with the family.



Or not.  :)   I guess I’ll just stick to Halloween costumes this week instead.



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One Response to I NEVER thought I would make an apron

  1. Valerie S says:


    I love, love, love it! You hit the mark with this apron! It’s adorable and functional. I love the fabric choice plus the red bias tape makes it pop! Polyester is #1 in my book. This is a perfect gift and I will think of you and remember to carefully read recipes each time cook/bake ;)

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