Rockin’ Robot

This weekend the son of our friends had a third birthday party with a “rocking robot” theme.  How cute is that?  He is such a handsome little guy.  If you don’t believe me, check out his mom’s blog here, he is absolutely adorable.




I had originally thought of making him a robot from this awesome amigurumi book, and configuring some sort of felt-based guitar. but had already crocheted him a toy last year.  His mom did a really cool shout-out to me this summer, which appealed to my vanity so I had to step up my game even more this time around :) .



Even though he is only three, Hank has sort of an alternative, retro-ish cool sense of style going on.  With winter upon us, my thought was….retro flannel robot pajamas!!

First order of business was to scour the internet for a good robot image to pilfer. I didn’t really know what I wanted, but my thoughts were relatively friendly, cute, and kind of retro looking.  My husband/design consultant/critic and I couldn’t agree on a good robot image for Hank from the internet.  After I managed to convince him that Bender from Futurama would be inappropriate for a 3 year old, he volunteered to design one.  Here are some of the concept sketches:







He finally got the chance to put his fine arts degree to work….  Not really too many opportunities in his day to day life as a school psychologist….






Even Josie got in on the action.






I told my husband that my vision of a “rockin’ robot” was  a party-bot that looked like a disco-frenzy induced love child of the Android robot and Ike  from SouthPark.  This was the final result:



I used this pajama pattern (version E) and some blue plaid flannel fabric I had on hand.

And finally, some action shots.  Josie was gracious enough to model these (HUGE!!) pajamas before they got all washed up and ready to go.

Happy birthday Hank!!!

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  1. jennifer w. says:

    Hank LOVES his rockin’ robot jammies!! He is wearing them as we speak with the bottoms cuffed. Thank you so much, and so great to read about the design process behind the cute robot applique.

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