It’s not that I like to cook…

It’s that I LOVE to eat!!


Time for the first dinner!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday… because I love stuffing myself into oblivion, then laying on the couch semi-comatose only to be revived by the thought of consuming a second dinner.




In days long gone, I would take a stab at making a fancy-pansy dinner…the more of a culinary challenge the better.  Now that I have to cook with a little person who spends her time either trying to climb into the refrigerator or clinging to my leg whining “uppie”, I try to look for recipes that give me a good effort-to-taste ratio.





the best!

Post-children, my favorite cooking magazine has become Cooks Illustrated.  It is a humble magazine (and no advertisements!) geared toward the home cook.  The fun part (or at least how crazy people define fun…) is that it reads almost like a science experiment.  The articles describe the trial-and-error process behind the recipe development and then explain the plausible scientific/chemical rationale for the outcome.  They also have their online recipe archive which, for a well spent cheaper-than-a-magazine-subscription-fee, gives you access to their entire database.  If you feel like dorking out even more, you can TiVo “America’s Test Kitchen from Cooks Illustrated” on PBS.  (Contrary to how it may seem, I am not getting kickbacks from Cooks Illustrated.)

With my extra time I can whip up even MORE things to eat on my favorite holiday.  (As I attempt to brag about being such a great cook and wifey, I feel compelled to confess the bloody, undercooked turkey…)  But let us focus instead on the cookie trio; pumpkin whoopie pies, pecan bars, and chocolate chip cookies…all recipes from Cooks Illustrated.

Which one to eat first?

All this blogging has made me begin to feel un-full.  I think it must be about time for another dinner.


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4 Responses to It’s not that I like to cook…

  1. Kathy Capron (aka) Aunt Kathy says:

    Wow! Sorry we didn’ t come to dinner. We had leftover turkey from a party on Wednesday. Everything looks beautiful–but–you are a great “CHEF”–in my opinion.

  2. Jade Pham says:

    Hi auntie,I remember the other thanksgiving,I loved it

  3. Jade Pham says:

    Hey people who are commenting,I’m her niece.That’s why I call her auntie.

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