Cafe Christmas

Some days, my work environment feels like Cafe Disco.  Thank goodness for the co-workers who help make my job fun!

For those of you who are Office fans… laugh hysterically at the “cafe disco” quotes below.

For those of you who are not fans…you should be!


Michael: When I am breaking all the rules, I’m break dancing.

Michael: Rules be damned, I want to have lunch with these people.

Michael: I am accounting on you to go to lunch with me.

Pam: If you don’t take out his battery, he just keeps going all day.

Oscar: Please don’t refer to yourself as our daddy.

Michael: Funk is the problem. And the solution.

Stanley: I would like the memory of a day uninterrupted by this nonsense.

Michael: You all took a life here today. The life of the party.

Kelly: Cafe Disco. More like Crappe Disco.

Dwight: It’s the most annoying thing. It’s like children singing Christmas carols.

Andy: I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’m in a dance-off.

Michael: Cafe Disco is dead, but I can still hear the music in my head.

Angela: I didn’t come here to get wet and wild.

Michael: A lot of people doubted Cafe Disco at first, but it is a magical place.


Novelty gifts for my cafe peeps were definitely in order this year!  Aprons all around!

Sylvia is a funky-stylish lady with multiple admirers within the school setting.  She has an affinity for anything animal print, and is a self-proclaimed cougar.


My Inspiration: The lady from Bitchin’ Kitchen-Who doesn’t love to cook in 5-inch high lace-up patent leather  stilettos?  This show really intrigues me…it’s like an accident and impossible to turn away from.  Nadia G. is such a caricature of….I’m not quite sure…your typical Russian Jersey bad-ass sorority girl?  Regardless, I have to admit, the lady has style.




I had my eye on this pink leopard fabric for the apron however, there was less than a yard of it left when I finally made my way to the fabric store.  Who the heck would buy this, and why would they need a whole bolt of it?




The Reality: This was the alternative to pink leopard fabric.  Not quite as funky, but equally….animalistic.





Here is the back of the apron.






And here is the front.  I went to grab Josie’s stuffed  jaguar because I felt so…..


Cruella De Vil
Cruella De Vil
If she doesn’t scare you
No evil thing will
To see her is to 
Take a sudden chill
Cruella, Cruella De Vil



Lorena, on the other hand, is a more serious soul.  I think some days she likes me, and other days she barely puts up with me.  Despite the deep sighs, eye rolls, and thinly veiled tolerance, I adore her anyway.  The inspiration for her apron was something teal and earthy.

I wanted to make potholders too.  After looking at purchased patterns, I finally came to my senses and realized that there must be something free on the internet instead.  I found this awesome potholder tutorial.  I LOVE the internet!!!


Here are the girls in action:

And for the truck-driving, wilderness-loving, yarn-spinning, child-wrangling male in the group…cowboy ties,



Maybe I’ll make him a manpron next year so he doesn’t feel left out.


(He wouldn’t let me take his picture.  What a curmudgeon.)





And finally…amigurumi Christmas ornaments.  This is what would happen if this snowman had a baby with this….rabbit-deer (why does that reindeer have bunny ears anyway?!?  I don’t get it.)

to make a hydrocephalic Rudolph.
Well, at least I think the cookies that came with it tasted good anyway…
And now that these have all been gifted, I’ll be moving on to showing my children I love them by using my winter break to ignore them while I make their Christmas presents.  How ironic.
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  1. Jade Pham says:

    You’re cookies are the best >)

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