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I made my 7-year old little lady niece a comfy dress for Christmas this year.  Since she lives in the hottest place on earth outside of the equator (Arizona), a summer dress in the dead of winter seemed a fitting gift.  Here is the end result (huge on a 5-year old) as modeled by Josie:







I used Simplicity 2193 and added a flower (great tutorial found here).  I finally managed to finish up the rest of that pink floral fabric too.


Where's my makeup Auntie?


And here is the best picture I could get of the dress on Jade.  She probably would have preferred make-up, Zoobles, or Little Pet Shop toys, but was gracious enough to say that the dress was pretty.  She also didn’t put up too much of a fight when her uncle forced her to wear it out to the museum yesterday.




So now onto dreaming up a funky dress for myself…  here are some ideas: Vogue paterns are on sale a Joann’s until 1/2/12!!!

 First up: Vogue 1094 









I always thought this dress looked very ballgownish on the pattern cover, but I think the checkered version on the Vogue website is kind of cute and maybe even work-wearable.  When I looked the pattern up on sewing pattern review and saw this version…






I was hooked!  (This is the same lady that made the “Mrs. Kent” dress I liked.)  I’m going to go back to my favorite place to look for a white fabric with big black polka dots for this one.




Also dreaming of making a Frankendress…Those dang vintage patterns use up way too much fabric on the full skirts, so I’m thinking of combining:



this top






with this bottom in black with a light pink belt.  Now I just need to figure out how to make a decent belt…





Then maybe onto some more dresses for the girls… 



To a happy, crafty 2012!!!  Whoo hoo for buzzed crafting!

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