Entering the new year with a bang

My dreams of full-skirted polka dots and pink belts evaporated when I heard the crunch.  The crunch, it turns out, was my husband’s car crashing into my sister-in-law’s van.  Oh, did I mention I was pulling into the driveway at the time?  It was my sister-in-law’s birthday too.  Happy birthday by the way.  And happy new year to you spent at the auto body shop.  Oops.

Oh my god guys! I can drive!


I guess that’s why in high school I passed my driver’s test by a narrow margin of one point.




So, down the cost of a deductable, I had to think functional not fancy.  I decided to try to make the vogue full-skirted dress with the super cheepie fabric in the WAAAY back of the store.  Big mistake.  Maybe not a fabulous enough mistake to post on craftfail, but enough of one to roll it into a ball and stuff it far out of sight for awhile.  :(

supposed to look like...








Doesn’t it look like I’m going to dance in my district’s next folklorico performance?



I then moved my sights on a birthday gift for my obsessive cat/animal skin print-loving co-worker/friend.  What better way to tote your lunch to work than in a hybrid animal lunch bag?  Awesome free pattern here, and a selection of 30+ free lunch bag patterns here.  Ok, that’s better…


The most recent endeavor was an attempt at polka dots, with inspiration from this dress idea on the awesome sew weekly website (“make this dress” section).  This time I went more towards the front of the fabric store.  I also picked a pattern that did not require 6+ yards of material.  It rained ferociously day after finishing it, but darn it, I wore it to work anyway! (Vanity, thy name is Cristina)








Hoping to continue to stay away from accidents for the rest of this year…both car and crafting.

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2 Responses to Entering the new year with a bang

  1. jennifer w. says:

    Ohh – sorry to hear about the car accident! The dresses all look fine to me :)

  2. Jade Pham says:

    That was my mom’s car!It was new :(

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