I am trying to use up my fabric stash.  Not because I want to use up my fabric stash, but because I want to be able to answer “no” when I come home from the fabric store and my husband asks me “Don’t you have enough fabric in your stash already?”.


First up… bird fabric.  I bought this when I first started sewing and never knew what to do with it.  On my sleep-deprived maternity leave, I attempted to make this purse with it.  It has never been used because there is NO WAY that it would fit all of the super very important things I carry in my purse…like lollipops, cell phone, receipts from 2011, old shopping lists, breath mints that have rolled out of their container, pens that no longer work, and very occasionally, cash.


Josie liked the fabric and I decided to make her a dress similar to her cousin Jade’s using this pattern.  She changes into it every single day after school

(I think she likes it).


Man, I need to learn to take better pictures!  I guess that photography class in high school  didn’t quite cut it for me-That must be what happens when your teacher teaches photography by showing you the latest release on video, Sister Act


I then dug this classic out of the stash.  Here is the fabric’s before…

You mean you are actually going to make me wear this someday?!?



and after.








The love birds were Josie’s idea and were shamelessly pilfered from this image:


So I now have a miniscule amount of space in my stash!  I think that justifies a trip to the fabric store this weekend….

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